Experience: Bizet Print Laboratory, has over 30 years of experience in graphic design and offset, as well as, tyhe latest in digital printing technologies. Experience goes far beyond mere software techniques, but includes a vast understanding and successfully interpreting of the graphic design needs of clients who may not share our level of skill, and delivering a product that satisfies both their business and their unique visual taste.
You can count on us to deliver your project accurately, on time and on budget. has
Q-Foil Printing
$199.00 /M
Bizet Print Laboratory offers our proprietary Q-Foil printing which mimics the hi-gloss reflectivity of hot foil stamping but at an attractive price. Unlike older foil stamping, Bizet Labs can Q-Foil on full color offset printed pieces. Call a Bizet Labs representative for more information and sample(s).
$7.99/ sq ft
Bizet Printing Labotatory is proud to now offer fuull color banners in its repertoire of printing techniquesmetet sed lorem ipsim.
Lenticular #D
$499.00 / M
Bizet Labs is also proud to offer the latest in 3D Lenticular printing. A process whereby several images recorded at varying angles are joined to produce a"moving" 3D effect.
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